Proprietary Tools and Techniques

Continuous improvement and innovation are necessary to maintain our position as an industry leader. Quanta Energized Services has developed 24 unique innovations with patents applied for, issued, or pending and over 100 corresponding international patents. These procedures and tools have been developed over years of industry firsts.    

LineMaster Robotic Arm

The LineMaster Robotic Arm is a proprietary live-line tool that allows for the safe capture, control, and movement of energized conductors without the need for temporary provisions.  The LineMaster brand of robotic arm more easily and efficiently permits the installation, maintenance and repair of transmission and distribution voltage lines in an energized state without interrupting the flow of power to consumers. 

The LineMaster Robotic Arm has all weather station class insulators that can mount in a variety of configurations to meet the requirements of the job. The LineMaster brand of robotic arm also features roller-type conductor holders for securing the conductors to the arm while work is being performed. 

All LineMaster Robotic Arms are designed, inspected, and certified by a qualified and professionally licensed mechanical engineer. Each LineMaster model has been subjected to type testing by utilizing the same loading tests that are required of cranes and boom trucks before each LineMaster is released for use.


Energized Reconductor

Quanta Energized Services solely developed the proprietary methods to reconductor energized transmission lines while the system remains in service. Most recently, Quanta completed the worlds longest energized reconductor project for American Electric Power in the Lower Rio Grande Valley.