The cornerstone of an effective safety program is employee education.

Quanta Energized Services trains and certifies our own employees through a rigorous proprietary training program that is recognized throughout the industry as the best in class. Employees seeking Barehand certification complete 120 hours of class room and field training and are recertified on an annual basis in order to keep this certification.

Safety From the Top Down

Safety sponsorship has been established at the highest levels of our organization to ensure that employees at every level – including management – and in every division are accountable for achieving the organization’s safety goals. The goal of our safety program is to use all of the training, equipment, and communication at our disposal to ensure that every employee has the tools needed to make safe decisions and prevent injury at all times.

Quanta takes its role as an industry leader seriously. Quanta is a founding member of OSHA’s Electrical Transmission and Distribution Strategic Partnership, which works to identify and evaluate health and safety hazards associated with electrical transmission and distribution work. The goal of the partnership, which includes OSHA, electrical contractors, key trade associations, and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, is to prevent and reduce the number of fatalities, injuries, and illnesses in the industry.

Quanta is committed to providing a safe work environment for our employees, as well as ensuring the safety of the public on our projects. Our goal to complete all projects without injury by incorporating safe working methods and strong safety consciousness by all our employees, supervisors, subcontractors, and related project personnel.