Quanta Energized Services specializes in maintenance techniques at voltages of 69kV or greater. Each technique listed below has its own specialized training and knowledge requirements to master – and often multiple techniques are incorporated into a comprehensive work procedure. With these methods, Quanta can complete simple maintenance such as routine inspections or complex projects such as the entire energized rebuild of an existing transmission line.

Barehand Method

When working Barehand, the linemen wear conductive suits and are bonded to the conductor, putting them at the same potential as the energized conductor and allowing them to physically touch and work on the energized line and equipment.


The Hotstick method utilizes insulated poles and tools to work on energized lines from a distance while maintaining limits of approach. Hotsticks are used to perform simple activities such as manipulating switches and energized components but are also used to support conductors and insulators during repair.

Wet and Dry Washing

Wet and dry washing techniques utilize non-conductive materials to remove contamination from any part of the transmission structure or substation.

Insulated Scaffolding

Insulated scaffolding is used in areas where traditional access is not possible. It creates an insulated zone isolated from the ground where the Linemen can safely and efficiently work in direct contact with the energized system to make repairs or bypass faulty equipment.

High Induction Stringing

Congested rights of way are becoming common as more utilities work to increase capacity using the existing lines and rights of way available to them. New conductor or OPGW is added to an existing structure or new structure while adjacent circuits remain energized. With this type of method, induced voltages are introduced to the de-energized circuit or line. Using a variety of patented tools and procedures Quanta Energized Services has executed a number of these projects safely and efficiently.