Energized Services

Quanta Energized Services upgrades and maintains electric infrastructure without interrupting power supply. As the leading provider of energized solutions, QES is the clear choice for IOUs, municipalities and cooperatives seeking energized solutions in order to deliver reliable service and maintain customer satisfaction. Click below to learn more about any one of our specific service offerings.

System Maintenance

Almost any system maintenance task can be completed energized. Quanta Energized Services has executed millions of man hours of maintenance tasks at almost every voltage. This includes activities such as:

  • Insulator replacement
  • Structure repair or replacement
  • Modification of towers, cross arms, and insertion of tower body extensions
  • Deadend and sleeve repairs or replacement
  • Spacer and damper additions or replacement
  • Maker ball and bird diverter additions or replacement
  • X-ray inspection of shoes, armor rod, and sleeves
  • Repair or bypass of jumpers and switches
Substation & Generation Emergency Outage Mitigation

Switchyard and substation repairs allow for the rebuilding or repair of many components in a substation without the need to de- energize a critical system. Common tasks such as repairing or bypassing switches, bus repairs or bypass, conductor repairs, and hot spot remidation have all been completed in energized substations and switchyards.

Quanta Barehand crews are certified by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to execute energized repairs in nuclear plant substations and switchyards. Bare-hand work techniques have been executed in several such installations to perform repairs to avoid costly unplanned reactor shutdowns.

  • More than 15 years supporting nuclear switchyard emergency repairs
  • Highly trained personnel with extensive emergency response experience
  • Proven safety record – Zero nuclear site safety incidents
  • Proven incident free record – No plant outages due to the execution of the emergency work
  • Job specific written work plans developed and reviewed by plant operations and personnel on site
System Upgrade or Rebuild

Utilizing propriety techniques and tools Quanta Services has the ability to upgrade or rebuild any Transmission line top to bottom. Foundations, structures, all hardware components and the conductor can be replaced or upgraded without any outage required. Quanta has experience with all aspects of this critical activity in today’s outage and right of way constrained environment.

  • Structure foundation repair
  • Structure upgrade or replacement
  • Energized Reconductor
  • Single to double circuit system upgrades
  • Existing circuit voltage upgrades
  • Upgrading existing static to Optical Ground Wire (OPGW)

Quanta Services, Inc., through its subsidiaries Quanta Energized Services U.S., LLC and Quanta Energized Services Canada Ltd., offers its Quanta Energized Reconductor and Quanta Energized Reconductoring brands of services in the field of electric power infrastructure. The branded services include, in part, construction consultation, construction management, installation, construction and replacement of electric power lines in an energized state for distribution and transmission level voltages without interrupting the flow of electricity to consumers.  Maintenance and repair of energized distribution and transmission level voltage power lines and infrastructure are also offered, all without interrupting the flow of electricity to consumers.  Under the Quanta Energized Reconductor and Quanta Energized Reconductoring brands, Quanta Energized Services (QES) also offers electronic and electrical systems design services, engineering services in the field of electric power infrastructure, and scientific and technological services such as analysis in the field of electric power infrastructure.

Quanta Energized Services U.S., LLC and Quanta Energized Services Canada Ltd. also utilize and offer a robotic arm and its use for industrial purposes through its line of LineMaster brand of robotic arms.  LineMaster brand of robotic arms are used in connection with its brand of LineMaster services for the installation, maintenance and repair of transmission and distribution voltage lines in an energized state without interrupting flow of power to consumers.  Quanta Services, Inc. has been using LineMaster brand of robotic arms since 1998.

Consulting & Feasibility Assessment

Energized Projects have their own unique challenges and solutions. Often a customer will encounter a problem and be unaware of the potential solutions that might exist. Quanta Energized Services offers project consulting and feasibility assessments to assist our customers when deciding what methods might be available to them and making the determination of whether a project should be completed energized.

  • Our established, proven workflow begins at the first customer interaction.
  • Customer requests for information are circulated and discussed within the advisory group
  • Dialogue with the customer often involves requests for further information and development of goals
  • Safety and quality are our primary goals
Pre-Project Planning

All aspects of an energized project are planned well in advance of any work. Our core group of technical advisors work with customers engineering, safety and system management personnel to determine the methods and tools that will be utilized. Pre-construction assessments early in the planning phase offer future flexibility.