Proprietary Tools


Barehand methods have been used in the electric power industry since the 1960s.  Quanta Services linemen working in barehand situations are hand selected, rigorously trained and certified for this type of work.  Linemen are bonded directly to the conductor, and are able to safely work in an energized environment.  Quanta employees are trained on accessing the lines utilizing a number of methods, including insulating bucket trucks, insulating ladders, helicopters, insulating scaffolding and by rope access.


Quanta Energized Services can safely and economically reconductor and rebuild existing energized transmission lines at any voltage. Innovative energized reconductoring/rebuilding techniques eliminate costs due to right-of-way acquisition, line switching, grounding and outage scheduling while maintaining important wheeling and trading revenues.


The patented LineMaster Robotic Arm allows for safer and more efficient repair, replacement or upgrade of energized transmission and distribution lines. LineMaster technology eliminates the need for maintenance outages.


A proven method for work on lines up to and including all transmission voltages, hot stick work allows linemen to complete projects while working outside the minimum approach distances without talking the line out of service.  The insulating tools used to work on live lines are inspected before every use.  The Quanta Services linemen qualified to conduct hot stick work are highly trained in using live line tools in general, and also guided by the project plan specifically developed for every energized job we do.


  • Insulated Scaffolding for Substation work
  • NERC compliance work
  • Wet Washing
  • Dry Washing
  • Substation Cut In

Quanta Energized Services is a division of Quanta Services, Inc. (NYSE: PWR).

Quanta companies offer comprehensive solutions for all aspects of energy infrastructure support, including engineering, design, installation, inspection, repair, maintenance and testing. Quanta’s bundled specialties, contracting services and industry experiences create a convenient, scalable, efficient and unmatched resource for its clients.